✴️ $2 Final Target | The Last Binance Coin Analysis

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BINANCE:BNBUSDT   Binance Coin / TetherUS
The triangle we see drawn on the chart can be considered a long-term distribution phase.

➖ BNBUSDT is trading below MA200 coupled with very bad news. The effect on this market can be devastating.

👉 It is impossible to say exactly if the final target will be $11, $6, $2 or $0.10, it is very hard to predict an exact target but, the chart is pointing lower.

This is not financial advice.
Do your own research and planning. Trading is risky.

Last time it was "change of management", this time around I think the keyword will be "restructuring".

The company will undergo some "restructuring", changes and improvements in the corporate network and thus everything most be frozen... Don't worry though, the funds are SAFU.
Do not worry, they are likely to wait for the best timing before taking action... They've been very polite with this market.

Remember how they got CZ in June/July but they did not make the fact public until after the Crypto bullish wave was almost over?

There are several reasons for this... Let me explain:

1) They wanted to monitor CZ in action and see exactly how the market works and how it is being manipulated.

2) They wanted to track all the players. And by all I mean ALL, literally, including you and me. Since they have an inside view now, they can tell who is doing it correctly and who is doing it wrongly. All the information will be used at a later date.

Now, just as they waited for the bullish wave to run its course, they will also wait for the correction before the next major action, in my speculative opinion of course.

So they would let the market correction play-out after the SECs announcement late December or early January 2024. Once the market is about to bottom or hits bottom, then the "restructuring" can start.

This would freeze billions of customers funds and allow time for the institutions, the big players, the Spot ETFs to buy Bitcoin low.

It is all positive long-term... We welcome all sorts of regulation, each country, each individual, each company, each institution, each and every single entity will have something to like or reject, they will all also have something to offer... Money, innovation, people, spirit, life, energy will flow towards those that are in best alignment with personal freedom, empowerment and growth.

It is a big world... And while one country can ban Bitcoin, another country can adopt it as legal currency and another can use it as an adjunct to the system already in use.

It is not black or white and everything we see, use and interact with will continue to improve.

The world is becoming better every single day.

While some view these institutions, these authorities in a bad light, remember that they are humans too and they just want to play. They want a piece of the cake, the want the whole cake...

Life will continue to evolve, nature will pick who leaves and who stays, and time will decide who was right and who is wrong.

The Binance Coin (BNB) billion dollars SHORT is being prepared... Later on you cannot say you were not warned.

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