AUDJPY: BAMM Breakout Headed for a 50% Retrace

FX:AUDJPY   Australian Dollar / Japanese Yen
I suspect as the Japanese Carry trade is pressured, that there will be an effort made by institutions to convert to AUD in anticipation of Australian Interest Rates potentially rising above US Interest Rates, this would revive the more traditional Australian Carry Trade and serve to reduce the downwards pressure put on the Japanese carry trade while also reducing their overall leverage and should allow them to prolong the Bull Market in equities at least until the spring. Meantime the conversion to AUD should Temporarily push the value of the AUD up higher and given how much leverage would be going from JPY to AUD, I'd suspect the rise we see in AUD to be a bit on the extreme side which could lead to us very quickly seeing AUDJPY reach the more macro Fibonacci retraces between 139 JPY to 191.567 JPY.