Simplifying Order Flow

FX:AUDUSD   Australian Dollar / U.S. Dollar
This chart analysis shows you the power of order flow using two main things:

OB - Order Blocks
BOS - Break of Structure

If you can determine a trend utilising impulse and correction, you can almost always ride the wave by scaling in positions using this method.

First, determine your trend and then wait for a break of structure of a low/high.

In this example, we are in a bearish market so we are anticipating a break of a low before we can draw up our order block.

Once we get a break we can mark the OB that created the break and then wait for demand at a later date for sells.

IF the price gets too far away from the OB and looks like it isn't going to return to that point, we can move on to the next BOS and OB.

Note: This does not always mean that price won't return but we can still capitalise on the short term moves.

I have left an example of what could potentially happen next, although I am doubtful because the trend looks like it is coming to an end.

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Comment: Discretion and common sense have to be used with this idea, you cannot trade it like a robot, you must listen to intuition and other biases.