NYSE:BA   Boeing Company (The)
If you agree with this area please like it. I am not a financial advisor and i do not reccommend taking any of my trades because of the risk. This analysis is purely for entertainment only and a possible idea what could happen with this stock. If you have any questions do not hesitate to ask, i would be glad to reply.


Hi , what app do you use for long and short?
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i use TradeZero platform. This broker does not have any PDT rule and you can trade only US stocks. I will probably switch off to ColmexPro. This platform allows you to trade also CFDs with 1:20 leverage
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if you need any thing else feel free to ask.
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thanhmq thanhmq
Thanks dear , the app i use is robinhood just for put and call option , it doesnt make sense 🤪
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Robinhood is good because there is no fees or commisions, but has a lot of other disadvantages. I would reccommend to stay away from free brokers. But of course choose what the best suits you and works best for you. Take care and i wish you many profits :)
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