Overview: My prediction for Bitcoin on 2021-2022

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Bitcoin it's still in this up trend and Bitcoin it's right now it's reach up the best category what kind o money it's Bitcoin!!!

Well, I will going to make this overview short becuase it's so easily to understand the chart in your display!!!

Now, look firstly this screenshot:

This it's the past bull rally on 2017 when Bitcoin was below o $1,400 USD in this accumulation on 2016. Well, I just want to show you this forecast. But, I am not here in this bull rally, but yes, I know Bitcoin in the began on 2018 when Bitcoin reached mark near of the $20,000 USD at finalof 2017. I remember that when I see this chart in this bear market in Bitcoin on 2018, I'd remember this chart when Bitcoin goes to down from $12,000 USD to $3,200 USD on 2018. Now, if we see this screenshot, we can to know this forecast, if we use this date and price range, but calcualte how much porcentage does Bitcoin up in the past bull rally 2017, to have a forecast to know? Well, look, noticed that Bitcoin from $150 USD to $1,400 USD, it's up 702%, but if we compare and cover it, noticed that the price multiply x2 in the relation using the porcentage, so, it's up 1,017% after the break out of this past bull rally from $1,400 USD to near of $20,000 USD on 2017.

It's mean that Bitcoin grew up 1,017% after the break out o $1,400 USD toward the $20,000 USD

Now, in the present, if we see now!!! and i we use the date and price range to calculate how much Bitcoin up from $3,200 USD to $20,000 USD? So, we use the date and price range to find up the percentage and multiply this exactly percentage to have a prediction to know the all chances what Bitcoin have it. We see that Bitcoin grew up 496% approximately from $3,200 USD to near to $20,000 USD. Now, this part it''s more interesting. If we multiply the 496% x 2 = 992% for our forecast. Now, i we put the 992% next forecast to know the Bitcoin future price, I have a forecas that Bitcoin will be worth over 200,000 USD, approxiamtely in the $220,000 USD, this could be my prediction if we apply the same past forecast what Bitcoin do in the past bull rally on 2017.

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