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All logic is clearly displayed on the chart. I have been using BTC dominance over altcoins (the entire market) in my work since 2017.

Note that a "double bottom" is forming on the chart. But, at the moment, the season of games has opened under the title: "not environmentally friendly", while it is going on, such a construction is unlikely to come true. Use this period. Then, most likely, everything will change. Bad - good - bad - good - bad

This type of analysis works with both local market movements (which I mainly use) and the large-scale segments shown in this chart.

Please note that the "altcoin mass pumping season" is always very short for obvious reasons, use it and do not be greedy.

Your greed is your death in the marketplace.
There may be a slight local decrease in BTC dominance in the channel by 7.77%. What can positively affect altcoins (local money transfer). Many alts have now formed wedges, the price is at the breakout of the resistance of the formations. Remember to protect your profits and limit your risks.
An upward wedge has formed. The dominance of BTC has fallen to its dynamic support. Its breakthrough will positively influence the local growth of altcoin prices (money overflow) Many altcoins have also formed reversal figures of the local trend.

Let me remind those who don't understand, the lower is BTC dominance, the better altcoins "feel" (but don't forget that sometimes a part of BTC dominance goes to stabelcoins) and the opposite process, the higher is BTC dominance, the more sad for altcoins.
The upward wedge in bitcoin dominance broke, resulting in a local pumping of most altcoins by an average of +40 to 80%
BTC dominance chart relative to other cryptocurrency market component (altcoins, stabelcoins). The dominance is at the break of the downtrend. Here, on the contrary, the lower the dominance, the higher the probability of pumping altcoins. Falling dominance below 40.6 and fixing triggers the process of "dumping everything in a row". Note that medium liquidity alts are pumping alternately in areas of clamping dominance, when the "BTC/USD market is calm" (highlighted turquoise rectangle).
This is a chart of BTC/USD. Pay attention that now many medium liquid altcoins form a similar pattern as on BTC 18 11 /10666 (118/118) before the trend reverses and the price rises with a squeeze of more than +500%.

Many altcoins (not low liquidity, it's important) started their trend reversal and exit from the fall/winter sidewall with this pattern. Look for similar coins and work with them. You also need to understand that after the price goes down, there is a squeeze in a narrow range (accumulation of the "spring effect"). The less liquid the trading instrument, the greater the probability of squeezes (taking out stops, as well as the suggestion of "uncertainty"). Use this.
Domination of USDT + USDC and lows/maxims of BTC. Correlation
From the 40.6% reversal zone marked earlier reversal and reaching % bitcoin dominance in April horizontal channel resistance of 48%. We are in the reversal zone. The legalization of cryptocurrencies in Hong Kong is due in June.

Remember, the decline in BTC dominance is also not only due to altcoins (altcoin pumpe season) but also to fixation in stackablecoins. Therefore it is necessary to analyze with changes in the dominance of stablcoins (usdt, usdc...) It was mentioned more than once and shown on market situations of local trend reversals, I won't repeat it.

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