BITCOIN Dominance Chart And I expect Altcoins Pumping Soon

BITCOIN Dominance Chart:

Now Bitcoin Dominance is 69%.

Last post on Trading view I told you when BTC dominance crossed 67% then you can exit from altcoins.
Who followed me now saved huge Fund.
who not followed now holding Altcoins in loss.

What Next: Now BTC Dominance Struggle at Resistance level of 68%-69%.
so if this Resistance breakout upward then Altcoins blood bath coming soon.
so guy Very important level is 69% ( Tradingview Dominance ).

if This Resistance Rejected then 65% is very Strong support for hold at this level.
but keep an eye if 65% dominance also breakdown then Altcoins will pump very hard.

soon keep an eye on two level:
69% Resistance and 65% Support level .

What can we do now..?
Now I will accumulate Good potential coins.
And waiting for more dip.
I will buy more every dip.
but but guys
If BTC Dominance level is Breakout upward 69% Resistance Level then I will Exit from all Altcoins.
and wait for next Confirmations.
because 69% breakout then Altcoins Bloodbath coming soon.

So dont trade Blindly and Like Gambling.
Trade after good Confirmations.

Resistance Level: Now BTC Dominance at 69% so this is very Good Resistance Level of 85 Day Moving Average.
and if breakout this Then Very long term Resistance trend line Resistance is 69%.
so both is very important level.
now I take risk and buying altcoins.
if breakout upward I can expect minor loss but if breakdown then I will book huge profit.

Support: Now 65% is very good support in 3 day or as well as 1 Day chart.
But if this breakdown then you can enjoy with your altcoins holding.
so next Support is 55%.

Support: 65% / 60% / 55%
Resistance: 68% / 69%

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CryptoPatel UnknownUnicorn8150401
As usual u r the best excellent work..keep it up..
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@CryptoPatel Very good analysis mate, followed!
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CryptoPatel karouko18
@bin12, thank you so much sir .
Wich alts you think pump man??
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CryptoPatel bf331c8e1f0d4a8b8ce019b4cfab7e
@bf331c8e1f0d4a8b8ce019b4cfab7e, rvn, matic ,hbar , bnb, ht, and all good coins
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All movement on the chart for 1 year predicted. Good for understanding the onset of the altcoin season