Market Cap (BTC.D + USDT.D + USDT + USDC) - January 6

(Market Cap 1W Chart)
As the size of the coin market grows, the proportion of stablecoins is growing.

Accordingly, the USDT Dominance (USDT.D) chart is expected to continue to maintain an upward trend.

Therefore, I don't think it makes sense to analyze the market with the trend of dominance charts.

However, I think it is meaningful to judge the rise and fall of the coin market from a short-term point of view due to the rise and fall of dominance.

I think that the rise in BTC dominance and the rise in USDT dominance at the same time is likely to be a downtrend in the coin market.

Here, if the USDT chart and the USDC chart decline together, it can be said that there is a definite downtrend.

However, the USDT and USDC charts are currently maintaining an upward trend.

This movement means that money continues to flow into the coin market.

In order for the coin market to actually fall, the USDT chart and USDC chart show a downward trend first, followed by a decline in the coin market price, causing the coin market to show an overall downward trend.

If you look at the BTC price chart on the 1W chart ( or the 1M chart (, the volume continues to decline and You can check that there is.

I think this move shows that the big whales and institutional investors are buying.

As an individual investor, it is not easy to make a purchase at such a time.
Therefore, it is necessary to think of ways to increase the number of holdings by carrying out transactions by unit price that are purchased in installments.

Also, by securing cash, you should have room to buy in a better buying segment.

We continue to talk about this as the Stop Loss point in the analysis of the BTC chart.

As an individual investor, if your investment is limited, I think the best way to invest is to increase the amount of assets you have by increasing your fund turnover.

If the number of holdings increases even if the price of holdings falls, you will eventually be rewarded with large profits.

( BTC .D 1W Chart)

(USDT.D 1W chart)

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