250k Btc (with facts) Bitcoin growth across three Halving Cycles

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First Halving:

Market cap at halving: 146 million
Market cap during run-up: $18.75 billion
Run-up: 20 billion (approx.)

Second Halving:

Market cap at halving: $9.375 billion
Market cap during run-up: $300 billion
Run-up: $290.625 billion (approx., 15 times larger than the first halving)

Third Halving (hypothetical):

Market cap at halving: 150 billion
Possible market cap scenarios during run-up:
a. $1.2 trillion (already achieved)
b. $2.4 trillion (potential)
c. $4.8 trillion (potential)
Run-up (applying the 15x increase pattern): $4.35 trillion approx.

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After the first halving, Bitcoin's ATH market capitalization reached $20 billion. Post the second halving, the ATH market capitalization surged to $300 billion. Notice the multiplier effect here: the second ATH was 15 times greater than the first ($300 billion / $20 billion = 15).
Assuming this pattern continues, we can project the market capitalization for the next ATH by multiplying the second halving's ATH market cap by 15. This gives us an astonishing figure of $4.5 trillion ($300 billion x 15 = $4.5 trillion).
This projection signifies not just the potential growth of Bitcoin, but also its increasing acceptance and integration into mainstream finance. A market cap of $4.5 trillion would put Bitcoin on par with some of the largest asset classes in the world.
In conclusion, based on Bitcoin's historical performance post-halving, the next ATH could potentially see its market capitalization reach $4.5 trillion. This signifies a future where Bitcoin is not just a speculative asset, but a major player in the global financial system.
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