BTC CME Gap at 60.3k!

CME:BTC1!   Bitcoin CME Futures
Here's a quick look at BTC CME 4 hr Chart. As we can see, we have unfilled CME gaps at different price ranges. These gaps Tends to get filled very often. Tho there's no specific timeline for when they'll get filled. Right now there's a gap at 54.3k And it makes sense for the market makers to push the price down again to fill the gap as the price is already close to that price range. Also we've now got a gap at 60.3k which obviously mean that the market makers now also needs to push the price back up to 60k to close the gap there.

A gap is a break in the graph of the trading prices of an asset, in this case Bitcoin . So if BTC closed at 8700, then opened the next session at 9400, there would be a 700 point gap in the chart. Some traders believe that gaps will get “filled.” Meaning the asset will go back down, in this example, and “fill the gap.”

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