Bitcoin Analysis: Big and Long

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Bitcoin has recently showcased its resilience, surging past the significant $31,000 mark. This breakthrough is not a mere coincidence; it's a part of a grander design in the crypto market.

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Let's delve into the intricacies of this upward momentum:

1. Halving's Influence:
One of essential factors in Bitcoin's trajectory is the phenomenon of halving. Bitcoin halving events have historically influenced supply and demand dynamics, often leading to significant price rallies.
As we approach the halving period, this historic pattern adds an extra layer of confidence to the current bullish sentiment.

2. Impulse Structure and Rising Channel:
Bitcoin is painting a compelling picture on the daily timeframe. Within a substantial impulse structure, a rising channel is emerging.
This channel indicates a positive trajectory, reflective of market confidence.

3. Third Wave Speculation:
Within this structure, the market is now poised for what appears to be the third wave, a potentially substantial wave marked by extensions.
The current expectations are set on a retreat to $30,000, acting as a pivot point for the forthcoming surge, with the next ambitious target resting comfortably at $50,000.

4. Wyckoff Accumulation Pattern:
Bitcoin's strength lies in its Wyckoff accumulation pattern.
Though subtle, this continuous weakness exhibits a steady and robust progression, making it a quite unique pattern among other accumulation patterns (cup and handle, saucer etc).

5. Bollinger Bands Width Squeeze:
A striking observation is the Bollinger Bands width, reaching a low not witnessed since the market bottom of 2014.
This rarity accentuates Bitcoin's growth potential, serving as a strong indicator for investors.

6. Historical Comparisons:
By comparing the current market behavior with the patterns observed in 2015-2016, a striking resemblance emerges.
This historical congruence enhances our confidence in the ongoing trend, providing a solid foundation for the $50,000 target.

7. Institutional Interest:
With each positive move, the market gains momentum. It's not just individual investors; institutional players are also recognizing Bitcoin's potential.
The imminent approval of a Bitcoin ETF promises to be a game-changer. This financial instrument bridges the gap between traditional markets and cryptocurrencies, rendering Bitcoin accessible to a broader investor base. The ETF's advent not only signifies regulatory acknowledgment but also invites a wave of retail participation.
The anticipation is that as we approach the holiday season, institutional investors will further solidify this upward trajectory.

In essence, the recent surge beyond $31,000 signifies a strategic move in the crypto chessboard. As we navigate this rising channel, the road ahead holds promise, with the $50,000 mark gleaming on the horizon.

Adding to this momentum, RSI (Relative Strength Index) is showing both Bullish and Hidden Bullish divergence alongside the development of the rising channel. These signals align, painting a robust picture for Bitcoin's price increase.

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My expectations regarding bitcoin for upcoming days Oct 27 - Oct 29

Bitcoin's current price range is outlined in the chart below. Anticipate a brief sideways movement between 34200 and 33500, setting the stage for the next upward surge targeting 36000-37000.

Upcoming Momentum: Keep a close eye on the imminent price action. A break above 34200 could propel Bitcoin towards the 36000-37000 zone, indicating a potential uptrend continuation.
Bitcoin Breakout is around the corner, check chart below:
Chart update! Next breakout is about to happen. Thoughts?

Bitcoin remains stable in this zone, what is your expectations regarding this chart:
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