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G'Day Cobbers

A quick educational piece on Market Cycles. All on Charts.

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Comment: Chart looks terrible... Not sure what happened.
Comment: Also, note that this is not standard Wyckoff model rules as far as I can tell, I picked this up from another trader on here by the name of "Bitcoin Schmitcoin", check him out for further information.
Comment: Update if anyone cares.
@TroyByrne, 08-08 1:10 UTC Kudos. I'm glad I took your 10/25 crossover observation. Hope you're well.
TroyByrne TroglodyteHomunculus
@TroglodyteHomunculus, That is good to here, I was trying to tell peeps last night on bitmex that it was going down and was just being held up to fill short contracts. That 10/25 is a great signal. Glad someone caught it.
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@TroyByrne maybe the okex issue?