TradingView Hotkeys That I Use The Most

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Just wanted to point out some TradingView hotkeys that I use the most:
* ALT + H = Horizontal line - a great way to quickly mark the round numbers on your chart or tight support/resistance areas.
* ALT + V = Vertical line
* ALT + T = Trendline
* ALT + I = Invert the chart - probably the most interesting hotkey. Do you have some trouble taking "SELL" ideas? You are more kinda "BUY-guy" or vice-versa. In TradingView you can turn your chart upside down and see does it look good if you would want to buy it. Sometimes, it is quite a big help.
* ALT + S = Take a screenshot of your chart
* ALT + F = Fibonacci
* ALT + W = Put the chart to the watchlist - seeing something interesting you can add it quickly to your watchlist.
* ALT + A = Set the alert
* SHIFT + CLICK = Measure tool

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Don't forget to ALT + F4 if you're feeling stressed.
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@amosjvd, lol
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cicdubai amosjvd
@amosjvd, 🤣😂
Don’t forget AltF4 for when your account gets liquidated
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inverting the chat is a great idea
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@DDTMA, Why, please explain`? Dont understand
Beh0lder skrantz71
@skrantz71, You can invert the chart with a shortcut. Flipping the view as it were. Helps sometimes with finding support and long term planning IMO. I draw a lot of my downchannels with this.
Party on Skrantz
@DDTMA, Alt I....allows you to see the chart with fresh eyes
Ctrl S - Save chart, Ctrl C - Draw both horizontal and vertical lines!
Ctrl S - Save chart, Ctrl C - Draw both horizontal and vertical lines!
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