Bitcoin VS Coca Cola - Trend Analysis. Dump soon..?

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Today we decided to compare crpyto and stock markets. On the image above you can see a Bitcoin chart and the Coca-Cola company chart. The similarity is very obvious, very pity that nothing really unifies them. There are only two similarities: both are assets and, what is more important, both currencies trade people.

The value of Coca-Cola stocks depends on the demand for this company. Let me give you an example. In 2007, Coca-Cola bought a fresh factory in Russian, Moscow (capital city). This action led to a growth in stocks, as the company started covering a large part of the region and began to produce more product, thereby increased profits. However, at the end of 2007, workers of this factory started organizing strikes because Coca-Cola reduced their salaries. The productivity of this factory has decreased, and because of the fact that this factory was the only way for the company to develop in the region, the outflow of funds from the company increased and the stock price began to decline.

If we talk about Bitcoin , the growth of its price can start after the SEC approves ETF. This HUGE event will lead to an increase of the crypto popularity, thereby to an increase of crypto currencies price, mainly of Bitcoin . As you know, the decision about ETF was postponed, due to this nasty fact, the market phase changed from a growth to consolidation, the same price behaviour we can see on the Coca Cola chart. The ETF postponement means an outflow of funds from the crypto-market for a number of reasons:
1. It is early to invest because it is not reliable yet.
2. People fix profits, as there will be no bullrun yet.
3. People fix profits as they will be able to buy back for a lower price

And now we have to take a look at the charts of these currencies. Oscillators follow the same line, the price is a little bit different during some moments, but it is absolutely normal, as it goes inside all major patterns and channels. We can see the identity of up and down trends. The most striking things are the identity of charts after falling: consolidations at the lowest points, a massive pump which led to the breakout of the strong resistance. The drop of Coca-Cola stocks began falling because of almost the same reasons with Bitcoin . Assets are very similar and it would be foolish to deny this fact.

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Come on, this is just BS!
First Coca-Cola fell because 2008 was the crisis, just like every other stock(causation)
Second, you're comparing totally different time frames, 3D and 3Weeks?! Psychology isn't the same on those tf.
Also, they look similar because of your drawings only.
And Every asset that went into a big sell off looks just like that!
On the other hand, yes there might be a pullback back but it should be limited in that case.
But please stop, doing such posts, there are too many people here who lose their money because they follow shity advices.
+16 Reply
ComplexityComplex ElliottWaveBelgium
@ElliottWaveBelgium, I totally agree, this is fucking bullshit on all fronts I didn't even want to start.
+1 Reply
MichielVan Kets ElliottWaveBelgium
@ElliottWaveBelgium, Where were you when the 'new bull run' started?

in 2014?

+1 Reply
Prestoned MichielVan Kets
@MichielVan Kets, wow the bull run started before that 1100 run up lmao...... benner fibs bro.... 2 3 5 8 ...2009+1=2010+2=2012+3=2015+5=2020+8=2028,,, ect these dates line up to your short term speculation runs' "BOTTOM IN" with no back testings (meaning its all fluff, MLM Ponzi'ish)so using a brain with EW 5 patterns this is EW 1 2 3 4 to the upside for HH and LH on average meaning you dont need to chart the BROADENING WEDGE to the DOWNSIDE 50% MMD in the macro trend. the next strong move is against the first 4 EW bullish moves on the biggest range possible withstanding concerns. Only reason why COCA COLA correctioin was flat from its BARR is that it produced something called SODA that everyone drinks; like a car drinks gas, BTC fundamentals are a skewed and at best for betting NAKED 99% of the time, 20% LONG holders use BINANCE (aprrox 60% liquid float cash)to get drained and the other 80% are losing on bitmex or sim platforms with naked margins, a form of illegal speculation that has no regulations in which why OBAMA passed the abusive NAKED SHORT laws and BANNED CFDs in the USA, which robots caused the housing crash to be harsher due to accurate deviations and abusive naked short selling, everyone short sold the market but no one had the money (movie THE BIG SHORT)so compare all your chats to the illegal MMDs and MMUs and inside trading,at da end of the day everyone wants in at ground zero especially the ones that called it a scam in the beginning, consider these price movements just a test and taste for the liquidity and low prices we will be able to flip for profit in the future.
ElliottWaveBelgium MichielVan Kets
@MichielVan Kets, well to be honest, I've been actively trading it since it was around 4k, I've bought up to 19k were I told everyone of my friends and family that if the 20k level isn't broken we'll see it go down below 5k and I shorted the shit out of it.
I've been actif in tradingview only recently but you can find some of my posts on my page.
And I've been buying since around 3500 now.
MichielVan Kets ElliottWaveBelgium
@ElliottWaveBelgium, I bought my first bitcoin at $100 ... you're too loud for somebody who came in so late

ElliottWaveBelgium MichielVan Kets
@MichielVan Kets, congrats! Hope you got out on time at 20k. If not, just hold them, it will go higher again. Have a look at my long term btc analysis, I believe we'll reach at least 40k.
I wanted to buy it when it was around 12$ but couldn't risk anything at that time...

Anyway, you're an early investor, people who get in that early believe in the product/company, or in this case, people belive it will reach 1M $ but they take a lot of risks by doing so. Look at all other coins that were launched.

I am a trader, that's totally different, I never risk more than 5% on my trades for example.
I trade an asset based on fundamental and technical analysis, things I have learned and gotten good enough in over the years to make my self quite some money consistently and not with one lucky trade.

But the problem here is not who go in first or last.

The point is, this post is just BS and it clearly shows this guys doesn't really know what he's doing...
Most gurus/experts here have gotten famous for their "predictions" during the bullrun.
That's the easiest market to trade, it's enough to buy and hold. The trend now is also defined, and buying and holding will be enough in the long run, and all those guys will take credit for "predicting" the market going higher.

But during the correction from 20k,nearly everyone got screwed over because they don't know how to correctly analyze the markets, that's when you can spot the good trader vs the bullshiter.

And this is what really annoys me, people following those guys know even less than them and don't see how much of BS they are.
I've noticed that 70%-80% of people here on TV are crypto maniacs who are totally euphoric about btc & Co.

Most people here, lose money because they trade/buy/sell based on emotions.

I notice this everyday with some of my follower and I've seen it when price was at 20k.
Close friends of mine got fascinated and totally euphoric because of some "expert" they were following who at 20k told his followers, it's still time to buy and they did not want to listen to me because I said price will go down and not to 1M.
When price started to fall, the "expert" kept on advising them to buy again and again until he totally shut off his channel and lost everything for my friends.

I told them to buy at 3k but they don't have enough money left now...

So all I am saying is this guy here is one of those who will make you lose money once the market starts to stabilize. It's not going to be right now, but it will and a lot of people will lose a lot of money because of that.

It doesn't really matter to me if you or others here lose money, it even helps me, but it really irritades me that it's because of some shit posts by some people who don't know shit.
MichielVan Kets ElliottWaveBelgium
@ElliottWaveBelgium, or ... you're missing the point he's making; it could happen ... that's all
ElliottWaveBelgium MichielVan Kets
@MichielVan Kets, dude you're not understanding what I'm saying I think.
Yes it could have happend and it will but his explanations is based on a wrong analysis that's all I'm saying.
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