BITCOIN The MACD cross that SHOULD and SHOULD NOT happen!

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My last analysis on Bitcoin was the chart on the left, where I talked about the important of the Underlying Pivot line. As you see, despite the rise during the weekend, the price got rejected today exactly on the Underlying Pivot , displaying once more why it is critical to the trend.

Today however I want to bring forward the critical role that the MACD is playing both on the 1D and 1W time-frames. The chart on the left is on the 1D while the chart on the right is on the 1W time-frame.

On 1D, it would be a huge bullish development if the MACD makes the Bullish Cross that is close to form. Last time a MACD Bullish Cross took place below the 0.00 line on the 1D time-frame, was on September 30, exactly when the October rally started.

On 1W, BTC should avoid the Bearish Cross that is close to form, as last time that took place was on March 22, shortly before the market top at the time. However even if the Bearish Cross takes place, a fractal from September 2020 may save the day, as long as it stays flat. As you see on the chart, even though at the time the MACD lines crossed each other, they stayed flat as BTC traded on the Pivot line from the previous High above the 1D MA50 (blue trend-line) for a whole month before the aggressive 5 month parabolic rally started.

Do you think these MACD parameters are the Golden Combination for an end-of-the-year rally? Feel free to share your work and let me know in the comments section!


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