BTCUSDT Elliott Wave - Current Corrective Wave Stage

BYBIT:BTCUSDT.P   BTCUSDT Perpetual Contract
Current in scope Elliott Wave Impulse Waves 1 to 5. Currently within the Corrective Wave.

Used Trend Based Fib Extension Tool to determine the bottom retracement levels of the Corrective Wave A, drawing from 1st High to Low to 2nd High on a 90 minute time frame.
- 1st Highs drawn from Wave 5 high.
- The low being 22,750 and yet to understand why that level at time of posting but this the magic low used (it is a daily support and a level from which the price moved to make Wave 5 high).
- The 2nd Highs drawn to the highest high within the range below Wave 5 high

Interesting, using Trend Based Fib Extension, plotting the 1st high, that if you work the way up from left to right, choosing the lower highs on a 90 minute time frame, pulling the next plot to 22,750 lows, then lastly to high within range, playing with this tool draws perfect fibs that correlate to daily Point of Control (POC) levels.

I've chosen to use the Fib at 22,750 because when drawing the retracement level for Corrective Wave B. If using 25,530, the price target is below Impulse Wave 3, which does not fit the rule for Elliott Wave Theory.
-To draw target Corrective Wave B, using the Trend Based Fib Extension, (Low to high to low), drawn from Corrective Wave A at 22,7k to the High Impulse Wave 5 back down to Wave A at 22,7k giving a possible Corrective Wave B target to the upside of 23,4k. Another important level to be aware of for Wave B target is approximately 22,600ish which is a Naked Point of Control (NPOC)
-To draw the Corrective Wave C target, a bit uncertain at time of writing. The last of which is more technical. Using the Trend Based Fib Tool, (high to low to high) from Wave 5, to Wave 4, to the Corrective Wave A, with a target to the downside of approximately 21,750 and daily support level . (at the time of publishing I've 22,129 chosen as it seems a strong daily support).

Other point of interest. I've been using Exocharts TPO 1 hourly. Which has been useful for spotting Naked Point of Controls (NPOC), and as well as using Order Flow to determine market movements. Found that although some support levels are well respected. NPOCS on hourly TPO seem to be hit when on a down trend, and can be a good level of support.

Please feel free to correct me n any mistakes you make think I have made. Always happy to have positive criticism and useful feedback. Play around with the Trend Based Fib extension tool, the levels and confluence with time frame support and POC's are amazing!

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