Bitcoin's Crossroad - FOMC March 2022

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I believe this is the only way to view what may happen in the near term future with BTC price speculation.

I know twitter is full of perma-bulls saying that 32/33k will never be seen again, they could be correct, but regardless their bias shows because they are making their decision too early...

Perma Bears said we were going to 18-14k even 11k last week on Russia Fears, and the War is turning out to be worse than expected, while the market as well as BTC has shown resiliency in the face of the worst potential conflict in the modern era... Super Power Conflict... even with Gold Spiking... BTC pumps??? (STRANGE)

We will know soon what is going to happen, but anyone calling it today is at best, an over-eager trader. This point today, makes a great short opportunity... March 15th, we will see what happens...

Buy the Rumor, Sell the News? - Goodluck!

(Near Term Short, (1-3 Days out) - 35-37k retest possible... we are at major macro resistance here...
Also - take notice of the differences between how STRONG we popped off the touches on the trendline in JUNE AND JULY.

Now, we have already closed below the trendline here, and have been hugging it poorly, not bouncing off of it with STRENGTH. Also add this Double Top H&S overextension in the past month.

Very different price action... much weaker strength in this retest of the trend this past month...
FOMC date is here, FED hiked 25 BPS, 6 more 25 BPS hikes on the way. We will see a 10-20% dump within a week... refer to 2018 March 21st Hike, and its effect on markets... 5-7% to SP500... 10-20% to BTC is expected...


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