BITCOIN ELLIPSES! I really don't have this much time on my hands

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I really don't have this much time on my hands, but I saw a chart from someone posted as a comment (@BTC_SA) with some ellipses...

I thought I would check it out. Here, it compares late March-early April to the present June. I initially was going to prove another point, but this is where it ended up. I took some liberties, and not totally sure what it proves, but perhaps it will jolt something in your own head.

I've been meaning to do something like this with some more devotion on another that will be coming soon.
Sorry if I wasted your time as well as mine.

i was curious how the ellipses have been tracking, so i clicked play.
continuing to take liberties on these ellipses, they are at least notable. the RED vertical line is when i first posted. more than coincidence? wait for the next screenshot... i will shift the bottom chart a bit, and some of the pumps and dumps still line up...
sorry previously posted wrong screenshot!!
here is correct one...
if i shift bottom chart to the left about 100 hours.... it still matches on certain pumps and dumps...