Fall of USD as Global Reserve Currency

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If you give someone a button to print money, they will press it

1,400 years ago the Roman republic inflated its currency until its empire collapsed

USD used to be backed by gold, but that ended in 1971

This allowed governments to print endless money

Hyperinflation is just a matter of time

The US government learned to overspend and print the difference

The debt is now $31 trillion and $100 trillion in liabilities

The only way out is printing more money

But destroying the savings and hard-earned tax money of citizens

Global reserve currencies change every 90 years

So, Monetary Switch is inevitable

Checkout Venezuela's 2013- mid-2020 Inflation data

The paper that is used to print a dollar is not actually worth a dollar.

The paper does not have value, it simply represents the value. It is not money because it holds no individual value.

To take it a step further, dollars are actually the OPPOSITE of value.

Dollars are debt. A dollar is a PROMISE to pay back debt. The U.S. is over a trillion dollars in debt. A trillion is “1” followed by 12 zeros. It’s a thousand billion. A trillion seconds is 32,000 years. A stack of $1 bills would be 68,000 miles high. So how do we pay back such monumental debt?

Taxes. It’s painful, but it’s obvious.

So, the dollar is the PROMISE of the U.S. government to pay back over a trillion dollars of debt by taxing its citizens. And, to kick you while you are down, the debt is still growing.

The dollar is actually debt.

That is why the smart rich don’t work for dollars, they work for assets like BTC and GOLD

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