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This information should be used exclusively by my truest, loyal and long-term followers. This is basically cheating, knowing the future beforehand. According to my calculations, Bitcoin will start a fresh rise/price increase following the date 7th of August. This is based on data coming from the stock market, Altcoins, Bitcoin, geo-politics, chemtrails, the SEC, CEX, Hollywood & more.

This is just a friendly reminder.
All the information is shared for learning and entertainment purposes only, should not be construed as financial advice.

✔️ I am wishing you tons of success.
✔️ The best is yet to come.
✔️ You are a divine human being and you deserve the best.

I don't know what's the deal nor I am up to date with how much it cost to push Bitcoin up, what's the spread and how much it takes to go up a few ks... I am sensing about 1.5 to 2B coming in within the next two weeks. Now +/- 14 days.

I don't know what effect this has on the market but normally it is good and it tends to spread all across. Something like early 2023... The exact same feeling but less FOMO, calmer, more calm... Not sure if there will be more.

It has already been decided, this is not something that can be changed due to it going public. It took many weeks of planning. Hard to believe but they took about 2 months to decide and 3 weeks to plan and then they go ahead.

In simple terms, a bullish wave.

This is just my opinion of course.
I am a nobody, poor, live in a very small town and work on a small laptop.
I have no education and am completely worthless human being.
I do my best here sharing what I learn but expectations should be low for me, so far I've only known pain.

For whatever is worth... Time will tell if we hit the nail on the head, again.
You see, it is very hard to detect a fly or mosquito if they start moving around the earth or even a plane or a "satellite", because of their size, but it is almost impossible to miss the moon or the sun.

This is how it is for these billions; everything has its advantages and disadvantages, pros and cons.

Whenever such massive movements are about to take place, they are hard to miss. You can be looking to the other side, you can be asleep but you can still figure out if it is night or day, if the sun is going down or is going up... On the other hand, it is very hard to detect a mosquito if it is not right in front of your nose.

One thing though, will the billions be used to buy or to sell?
Will these billions be used for higher prices or for a drop?

Easy peasy, the crash comes after the rise.
The rise follows consolidation, it is the morning sun.

The energies are high... It might take a few weeks to be fully apparent, but I think after tomorrow is the start of the storm.

Today, 7-Aug., we are getting a strong bullish confirmation.

It is likely that Bitcoin will move forward from now on.
We will have to wait for the daily candle closure but the bias is bullish.
Ok. 4H confirmation is in and it looks good.
Now we need the daily session closing bullish for further confirmation as it is still early.
The RSI is good and the MACD produced a bullish cross.
The volume is also good.

The fact that negative news fails to crash the market gives even further strength to the bullish bias, it is still risky though.

If you are reading this then you are definitely one of my true followers and I truly appreciate your support. In that case, let me share the following with you.

I have a new long active shared 30-June 5X.
Based on the action we are seeing now and the fact that the 7-Aug. prediction is coming true, we can open a new long up to 10X.

This is risky, it is always risky of course.
But that has nothing to do with the trade or the market or Bitcoin, it is just the nature of margin/leverage.

That's the point.

So we can open a new long with higher risk based on the fact that the previous prediction is being confirmed.
The confirmation gives it further strength. One can wait longer, more volume, several days close and waiting for $29,500, or one can jump right away.

It is up to you.
Remember that margin/leverage needs experience.

If you are inexperienced go spot and you can't go wrong.
Accumulate Bitcoin long-term and you already won.

Thanks a lot for reading.
I will go into the details in a new trade idea, I hope to get your support.

Wishing you a great week ahead.

Visit my profile.
Check the Altcoins.
Life is good.

Additional bullish confirmation happens within 1 hour if Bitcoin closes green above $29,200.

Bitcoin, BTCUSD 4H, moved to test EMA50 and it holds as support.
This is super strong bullish signal and predicts additional growth.

Confirmation needed as mentioned but we are already long with many Xs.

Thanks a lot for your support.

I would like to reveal a secret.

Some people are wondering how is it that I get certain facts about Bitcoin and the Cryptocurrency market time before it goes public. You might also be wondering, judging by the many messages I receive, how I get it right so often, how is it possible to get such a high accuracy rate?

Open yourself up... I would like to reveal a secret.

Are you aware of a group of people that used to go by the name Rothschild?

There is a legend that says that they had a Talisman, a magic tool that would assist them in their undertakings and thus they managed to gain lots of power and become extremely rich.

I have in my possession one of such a Talisman, an ancient magical tool.

It is simply a good luck charm to me but some people might call it diabolical magic, others more educated such as the Theologians might say that this is nothing more than one of Solomon's Seals. A spiritualist might call it Sacred Geometry but it is nothing more than a tool descending from Ancient Egyptian Magic.

Each time I touch this Talisman a light being manifests ready to answer any and all questions regarding any topic of my choice.

This light being has been known in past civilizations as a Daemon, a Familiar Spirit, Djinn, a Guiding Angel so on and so forth.

I would like to put it to the test publicly and ask my Spirit if Bitcoin will or will not hit $35,000 this month...

The answer I get is a resounding YES!

Bitcoin will get to $35,000 in August 2023 and maybe even higher!

Thanks a lot for your support.

The last 4h session closed at the highest level since the 23-July and thus the entire retrace has been erased.

The action is really strong and it seems as if this is only the beginning.
If you followed then you should be in a really great position right now... We've been having great timing on these BTC trades don't you think?
Bitcoin just conquered MA200 for the first time since mid-June.
The last time this happen Bitcoin produced a strong move up.

It is redundant now but I hope you are being entertained.
I am wishing you great profits and thanks a lot for your once more.

Praying for a great week.

Bitcoin is now at its highest level since 23-July and above $30,000, this is extremely bullish.

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