BITCOIN - 30K First Target!

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Following our last analysis on Bitcoin , we were expecting price to continue to drop from the 38K level. We are still very much bearish on BTC until atleast 30K where we will check to see how price reacts.

Currently looking for bear flags to take this down further!
Comment: Slight change in pattern
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39.300 ahaha 😂😂
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@hpourmehr, rekt?
Btc completed a HS pattern breaking the overhead resistance... now we wait- looking (at this moment) more bullish than bearish.
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Kinda tired of this bear mentality.
Crypto gives a chance to create a new way for defi and prosperity. Bear markets are destroying good people that have no idea of trading and these markets create depression and fear. IMO anyone who wants a bear market is feeding of other ppls fear. I think we have seen enough of that "short" sightedness.

Bitcoin reflects the mentality of humanity in this age of ignorance. Just caring about their own profits. I hope the bull whales destroy all short attempts and get this market up and running again so that every investor can enjoy healthy trading and this market becomes a healthy alternative to the corruption of this planet.

Unfortunately reality has to shift a lot before we can see such benevolent attitudes.
Bitcoin has potential, but we need to use it for good.
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@Krystron333, Guessing you lost your life savings?
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Krystron333 Krystron333
@Krystron333, why would you want to go to 30k anyway? Makes no sense.

It would damage the reputation of this market severely. Just to get cheap prices for self gain.

Bye bye Defi.
Just becomes another banking system or stock market.

Which it has become already, only worse, one asset controls everything else. Basically the opposite of defi.
Mudrex Krystron333
@Krystron333, I kind of wish to agree with you mate. But the thing is - this analysis was purely based on technical indicators and trend lines. And tbh, the prediction is justified. what you mentioned about DeFi is totally fundamental. I agree Blockchain is going to stay and be revolutionary, however, the immediate price movements of these cryptos are based on technical analysis and not fundamental analysis.