BTCUSDT BULLS are not done yet!(Why 9550 is very Likely Next)

BINANCE:BTCUSDT   Bitcoin / TetherUS
Hello friends, Thank you all for your constant support with your likes and comments. Congratulations to all those who bought our last call of 8900 reversal as the Bitcoin Futures bulls are still looking strong on the high timeframe even after hitting 9470. Bitcoin is currently at bears gate (9400 zone) is where the GORILLA WAR will start between bulls and bears. To get the full analysis of who is likely to win between bears and bulls, kindly watch the full video on this idea to the end as I stated clearly what you should likely expect.

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Comment: Bitcoin made it to the 9200 support, this is where I expect a bounce but it is likely to to consolidate at this zone as the bulls and the bears will fight to see who will hold up. bulls need to push above 9250 to successed in more upside and the bears have to break the 9150 to take control and push it even lower to 9050
Trade active: I know I can't underestimate the bears, they successed to push bitcoin to 9150 support but here is the good part, this is a strong support I am still expecting the 9250 bounce and this could be just the support we need that just formed a cup and handle so 9250 is coming and if the bulls successed in pushing btc to 9250 the war gets more interesting as I know some bulls waiting ones the 9250 resisitance is broken 9300 will hit.
Comment: BITCOIN has made it to the 9250 zone where the strong resisitance is but after the several attemp by bitcoin it is going to break, this is because the more the resisitance is hit the weaker it becomes.