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Anyone who puts 2025 as the end of the cycle is wrong, in my view In this analysis, I will list for you all the next steps, starting from now.

- Altcoins and Bitcoin will rise to 85k, and it will happen from here until the end of June - the beginning of July.... This will coincide with TOTAL3 reaching 900B - 1T.

-There will be a strong correction for the entire market, and Bitcoin will return to 72k and TOTAL3 will return to 700B - 730B. - In the period between August and October, Bitcoin will rise alone, and alternative currencies will begin to rise slightly

- Trump wins the US elections, and remember what he said two days ago regarding cryptocurrencies, and this would bring great positivity to the market.

At the end of 2024 or the beginning of 2025, Bitcoin will reach 125k - 150k, and that will be the peak of that cycle, and your greed will then reach the sky, but don't take your profits... When that happens, you will find those calling for 200k for Bitcoin, or posts tells 1M for BTC !

Then the following will happen:

- Distribution of bitcoins to ALTS for two or three weeks with great ALTseason...Greed will reach its peak, and I will be attacked and anyone who tells " this is the peak, and you must take your profits and make them 100% cash".

- Then there will be a complete collapse of the market and the American markets, and a decline that will continue for years, and this collapse will be less severe for Bitcoin, reaching areas between 50k - 45k, and most other currencies will disappear completely (90-99% decline).

best regard Ceciliones🎯

just 1 day remaining for monthly close over the upper side of ascending triangle pattern ... first target is 76k

As a comparison to 2020 before the big rise
Currently, the same atmosphere is on Bitcoin and the same high activity on the chain, as it was later revealed that the rise was due to OTC deals (off-market deals).
We notice an increase in activity currently in the chain at the same levels.

I do not mean by this post that Bitcoin will jump to $150k shortly, but in order to be fair to everyone, I will set out the reasons, indicators, and conditions for the rise and fall, far from being certain. Every movement has conditions and data, not whims and hidden reasons. Even if Bitcoin is pressured, we have the strongest reasons for the rise. The exception to this movement will only be temporary.
Drop ur ALTcoin in comment section ...i will reply with detailed chart for all
Positive monthly close
76k incoming
in 4h chart btc trying to breakout the bullish pennant pattern...
From the shape of the candles, you will see that a strong rebound occurs after any attempt to break the pattern, which indicates strong resistance in that area... Watch for its break. This will happen suddenly and quickly.

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