Another Shakeout after the SEC announced that they want to sue Coinbase.
it's good and easy to be on the Dark Side to create "insider Trading Fuds" and REKT retailers when BTC pumping.

That said this i don't think this dip will be same as last one in May. Bitcoiners start to have habit with bad news trying to create panic.
i am not a shorter in a BullMarket so "Buy the Dip" is the way.

Trading Part :
Buy Zones as in graph

Buy : Now ( Small Buy )
Buy : 43500$ (Small Buy)
Buy : 41500$ ( Medium Buy)
Buy : 38500$ ( Full Buy )

Stop Loss : 36900$

Take profits unchanged from my last analyse.


Happy Tr4Ding !
Comment: Last Analyse for TP "

Comment: BB

Comment: Shaky.

Comment: Adapted EMAs. Buy is Higher.

Comment: FUD china, don't give up 😂

Comment: Acting in Triangle.

Comment: new analyse here :