is $CHPT ready to charge once again?

NYSE:CHPT   ChargePoint Holdings, Inc
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*Experienced traders understand the uphill battle in timing the market, so instead my team focuses mainly on risk management*

After correcting from a previous all time high of $49.48 $CHPT now sits at $20.68.

My team was extremely successful in capturing massive gains from $CHPT this year during its June rally. We exited $CHPT capturing most of our gains at the top and have been sitting on the sidelines for the past few weeks, but on Friday 9/10/21 my team opened a new position in $CHPT at $20.70 per share. We also have a buy order at $19.35 set in place in case $CHPT decides to trickle down to previous support levels in that price range.

My team speculates that the EV market as whole is due for a massive rebound due to semiconductor production recovering this fall, and we plan to capitalize on this opportunity.

BUY ORDER @$19.35

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Comment: Our buy order at $19.35 has been hit. Its finally time to rock and roll.