Which cannabis stocks should I now that Biden is the president?

Which cannabis stocks should I now that Biden is the president (part 1) : Going first with Cronos Group .
Biden won (although Trump wouldn’t agree😊) and the sentiment is talking about green energy stocks, electric vehicle makers, telecommunication stocks, cannabis stocks, government bonds and more. But we cant invest in everything and we cant relay on market hype to make a sound investment. So first I wanted to break down cannabis stocks as they have rallied dramatically in the last 2 trading sessions.
But before all that lets state a super important fact: Arizona, and South Dakota recently voted to legalize recreational marijuana! BOOM!
I choose to start this series with the first stock of Cronos Group .

Cronos Group

Heavily funded by Altria group investment in 2018 with 1.8 billion, the company has been operating in the last two years with no factual growth or sales, I mean 10 million in sales in the cannabis world market would be a drop in the bucket.
Stock rallied 10% in the last week upon elections but once the 15 min of fame are over this stock isn’t going to do much in my opinion.
The spending on growth and technological developments such as “fermented cannabinoids” which I will explain now, have cost the company to fall behind in the cannabis race on market and sales share.
So what is fermented cannabinoids?
The Cannabis flower isn’t using cannabinoids in order to maintain its survival, which can cause a change of up to 30% in the concentration of the flower’s cannabinoids, even if grown in identical conditions it still varies from one flower to another. So, extracting and controlling this would be a very difficult task.
Fermenting it is basically growing its cells in a lab and duplicating them instead of growing the flower itself – again this is explaining it in a nutshell of course.
So the news about Biden wining can maybe translated into good news for Cronos Group , but for me as a skeptical, I’ll need some proof of concept before jumping in and that means sales sales and more sales!
TECHNICAL VIEW on Cronos Group:
Highest high pre COVID was a25.1$ at February 2019.
Dropped from there all the way to 5$ with one Bullish week during that slope.
Then was side channeling from 5$ to 7$ and gave one fake out on June @ 8.09$ and went back down.
This Friday it broke resistance and touched 8.4$ just to drop back down to 7.5.
With all rally and resistance tested twice and broken, I expect the stock to rally up more to the 13$ zone (retracement to the 38 Fib line) but I don’t see it going further then that at least in the upcoming 4-6 months.
Short term Buy
Long Term Sell
Revise again at March 2021.

Here is a chart comparing all major cannabis stocks one next to another (not including Grow generation group that could not fit in the chart since price is too high)
Next up we will cover Canopy Growth!

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Trade safe and invest smart!
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Biden is not the president nor is he in any sense the "president-elect" (no certification of results, no Electoral College). So, it would seem you should tread lightly about cannabis approvals, etc. pending actual results. The Republican challenges are real and scary.
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phileepack snowinpalm
@snowinpalm, he clearly is the president-elect. No such claimed fraud could have ever taken place. The current POTUS's statements are a slap in the face to all the hard working people that ensured a fair democratic election. Trump will surely do all that's within his power to make the transition to a new government as complicated as possible, but he will ultimately have to admit to himself he's lost. Sure, It might have to be a court's call at the end, since the current POTUS lacks any form of integrity what so ever, but Biden won the 2020 US election.
+8 Reply
snowinpalm phileepack
@phileepack, Nothing clear about it at all. There are thousands of affidavits being filed as to instance after instance of clear fraud: backdating ballots, emptying boxes of ballots into the counting centers after the deadline, blocking observers and on and on. Then there's the Eva Pelosi owned Dominion software company that counted the ballots is having all kinds of problems like reporting thousands of Trump ballots as Biden ballots. Trump will only do what the Democrats did in 2000 (41 days of litigation) and would certainly do if they experienced what the Republicans did this year.
+12 Reply
fgonzo2 snowinpalm
@snowinpalm, We will drag his fat face painted arse out if needed
+6 Reply
colins2743 fgonzo2
@fgonzo2, I don't think so
+3 Reply
FDGT_academy snowinpalm
@snowinpalm, not here for politics :) here for money, the elections and all are not in our hands anymore let’s try get what we can from it.
Federal legalization is at our door and theses stocks are very relevant
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Dude_Lebowski phileepack
@phileepack, I just wanted to remind, that in 2000 we had very similar situation. After election, media has announced that Al Gore has became POTUS, however, after weeks od vote re-counting in multiple states, it has turned out that president is actually J.W.Bush.
+8 Reply
kptv02 Dude_Lebowski
@Dude_Lebowski, The media never said Gore was POTUS. That's a lie and fabrication made up by the Trump campaign. Stop believing bullshit kid. As a trader you shouldn't be Blue or Red, you should be neutral, don't let yourself be influenced by anything or anyone.
+6 Reply
phileepack Dude_Lebowski
@Dude_Lebowski, agree with @kptv02 on this. Gore was never declared POTUS. And to put things in real perspective> 1.supreme court halted the recount 5 to 4 votes since the recount of only a sample of ballots would violate the equal protection clause (14th amendment). 2. study showed that if the Florida's court didn't stop the recounting, Gore would have won 3.there's no factual evidence what so ever of an election fraud in 2020
+4 Reply
geojoe phileepack
@phileepack, says the maistream media. Over and over and over
+2 Reply
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