CTSI - Cartesi Long Trading Setup [Must Check]

Hello Traders!

I am glad to announce that from now on I will be sharing all asset's analysis and tutorials here for you to use, review and learn without having any advertisement desire or issue with 10+ years of trading experience and knowledge under the House Rules of TradingView Community.

Here we go.

I have been doing analysis on different charts and assets all day and I have realized that Cartesi trendline is totally ascending and well balanced as their higher highs are perfectly proportioned.

The highlighted bottoms of the areas represents the daily roadmap of the CTSI candles. You should consider the areas are nearly doubled and the target can be upper or below depending on this method.

Yellow arrows are starting from the higher highs made in the past and I have realized that they are perfectly fit with the cup bottoms as start point of rise.

The grey dotted horizontal lines I drew are also starting from higher highs as 4th confirmation. The MAs and Parabolic SAR are hidden in this analysis but they are also giving as positive signals for the long rise.

Feel free to use this idea as it is not a financial advice but an expert analysis from our academy for educational purposes only.

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