AMEX:DIA   SPDR Dow Jones Industrial Average ETF
This super cycle EWT & Fibonacci analysis is showing me that we are approaching the top of the quantitative easing/money printing pump. Nearly all of the EWT theory rules apply, and the fibonacci levels are scary accurate. The top of the fibonacci retracement is a projection in this case but the accuracy of the previous trend levels with the fib retracement indicates the top in this analysis. We also have the 2.618 fib multiple within the exact same price range as the projected fib retracement top, which would make sense to be a turn around level on this macro trend.

The top is projected at 36,500-37,500 which is also just before the massive psychological level of 40k, which could suck in retail participants to put the cherry on top of the crash sunday.

Also as an additional flavor, the MACD is at record highs, and we just saw a confirmed cross this is more significant than the ones previously seen in the past 2 years.

I have sold 35% of my holdings, will be selling an additional 15-20% at 36,000.

Look out below...