This top is it? Thursday could be huge!

With all the lines on the chart, look at the wedge that is formed. These wedges break downwards, not upwards. If they break upward, it is only possible with the hand of manipulation and force. An upward break from here out of the topside of this wedge would be market manipulation by a big player...The FED. If it comes to the contrary, look for a break downward around the 14th...Thursday! A downward break would be a sign of the free market doing its one and only job. To determine fair value...that of which is not above this rising wedge .
Comment: We could be looking at the blow off top starting Thursday the 14 and Friday the 15th. Sometimes we will have a break in the opposite direction expected and then it will violently blast back in the direction it was originally expected to. This is according to bullowski's chart patterns analysis.
Comment: This is known as an overshoot. If this doesn't happen, than it is confirmed to be FED manipulation in the best interest of the Wall Street Banks!
Comment: Yikes check out the vix Chart! It just dumped to an extremely low level. Volitility is on the way!
Comment: And now the president acknowledges that the market is false and fake; his words not mine!
Comment: Manipulation to high degree!
Comment: Look For break down through the bottom of the rising wedge would.ithin the next few days!
Comment: Within the next few days*
Comment: we broke down from the wedge and are now awaiting the drop....