TVC:DJI   Dow Jones Industrial Average Index
I am OUT. This is getting crazy and I am pretty gosh darn confident in this count!! The RSI readings match the wave count as well.

Red Box = retest of the momentum resistance, indicative of a wave 5.
Yellow boxes = I zoomed into just that final wave 5 we've been in for 12+ years and it has retested 3 times!

I'm seriously creeped out.
*My theory is that once the public realizes that inflation will not be transitory and that all their expenses are going up, the musical chairs game is going to end.

No shame in taking some profit at least if you've been in this market for a long time. THIS IS NOT a correction that I can advise you just hold through. THIS IS depression-like correction that's coming.
You're gonna be holding the bag for probably 20-30 years before we get back up to these prices.

Please prove me wrong.

Comment: I posted a chart on 12/19/2019 saying that red zone is the danger zone.
I got faked out but basically nailed it.

So maybe I'll be early this time, but I'm confident I'll be right again in the end.


It's creepy for sure but a large portion of the public is expecting more free money and low wage jobs can't keep up with being paid to xbox at home. No need for daycare, no need for gas, a lot of expenses are gone when you get paid to stay home. It's very difficult to hire people right now. This collapse will be because people don't want to work. I'm not sure if this has happened in the past. Seems like uncharted territory...
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Schmitty69 Sabibaby
@Sabibaby, Yeah people dont "want to work" and the completely dilapidated superstructure of a hyper skeevy financial system and every aspect of the entire satanic society.
Evdog9000 Schmitty69
@Schmitty69, I have to say that the more I learn about the U.S. Dollar system and the central banks.... It's them.
It's not the republicans, it's not the democrats, or libertarians, or independents... It's THE FREAKING BANKERS!!!!!
People need to remember that bankers and politicians are NOT our friends.
We the people need to stick together.
We can take them easy. Look at Reddit users crashing hedge funds.
We have the tech to group together and overpower them now.
We just need to get organized! Need communities that are aware of these things.
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Schmitty69 Evdog9000
@Evdog9000, lol if you really want to puke look up BIS. That's the fed's boss...