DJI (Wall Street) - 1H - patterns sometimes repeat

Much of good trading is about time spent stalking. Trade execution by the most successful traders happens only after much patient study.

The current position of the DJI, resembles a previous one. Patterns tend to repeat. This means vigilance to see if they do repeat. There could be losses involved. I never avoid talking about that.

Sometimes a pattern may appear to be repeating and then fail. That's when an affordable loss comes into the equation (it's called a stop-loss). The stop-loss limits how wrong one is in estimating a projection. Avoid predictions, is my motto - which is not everybody's motto.

Disclaimers: This is not advice or encouragement to trade securities. No predictions and no guarantees supplied. Any previous advantageous performance shown in other scenarios, is not indicative of future performance. If you make decisions based on opinion expressed here or on my profile and you lose your money, kindly sue yourself.

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