Dow Jones Industrials: DJIA1! Stop Management and Trade Points

Dow Jones Futures DJIA1! 10:15bst/05:15est 20th July
Despite the counter rally this index still looks weak technically. It should start to come off from around here and
from the upper falling dynamic from the recent highs at 25035 at best.
It should come back to the overnight low at 24902-24850 range later today. It must hold and bounce here to avoid
unravelling further to 24772 initially and then after another mild bounce to the 24641 -24531 range where it should rally
away to the upside once more.
To extricate itself from near term bear clutches it has to find enough buying interest to break above the falling dynamic at
25035 and hold there on the retest.

Dow Jones Futures Update 11:56bst/06:56est 20th July
A nice break lower from a high reached at 25027.
Drive stop lower now, to just 10 points above current price to lock in 100 points or so of profit so far.

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