Get ready DOTUSD! Pullback finished, Breakout time!

KRAKEN:DOTUSD   Polkadot / U. S. Dollar
Hello traders! As Bitcoin goes a little silent in consolidation, we can notice other cryptocurrencies booming in price. Today, I am going to talk about one of them, DOTUSD , or Polkadot coin.

Polkadot has been a very interesting coin. It exploded more than 130% in value in just 3 DAYS! It also almost touched $20, becoming one of the few coins to reach that mark. After that, consolidation followed, or the silent moves of price.

Well, no more consolidation! We just had a strong breakout of the triangle in the 3-hour chart with good volume and a MA 17 support. Great start for an altcoin.

Will Polkadot/USD be one of the first coins to reach $100, accompanying the big stars: Bitcoin , Ethereum , Litecoin? Let's see how time plays out!

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