Dotusd chart

DrDovetail Updated   
Since I posted a chart on the dotusdt pair showing the double bottom and the bearish head and shoulders pattern, I also wanted to post a polkadot idea that showed the bigger inverse head and shoulders pattern thats still very much in play as well. We can see how dot did a very convincing fake breakout above the neckline before dipping back down below it. It’s common for price to go above the neckline multiple times and then back below it in between those times before the actual breakout, usually it doesn’t go this high above the neckline without validating the breakout, but let this chart be a rare example that shows it can happen. We can see that the weekly 50ma in orange and the weekly 100ma in yellow is currently holding double reinforced support and could easily end up being the lowest part of the right shoulder of the inverse head and shoulders. On the previous dotusdt chart that I posted shortly before this one (which I will link to below) you can see the weekly 50 ma is double reinforced support with the top trendline of the channel also suggesting the bottom of the right shoulder may be in. The top trendline maintained support on the usdt pair but we can see price action had dipped below the trendline here on the usd pair and is still currently just below it. Need to reclaim that trendline as support on the usd pair too to help insure we won’t breakdown from the bearish smaller head and shoulder I posted on the usdt pair chart. *not financial advice*
One other reason I think the bearish head and shoulders pattern on polka dot is unlikely to trigger is because the on the usd pair for it, the measured move breakdown target is all the way below 0 at negative 36 cents cents. Usually when we see these kind of targets it acts as a tell that that pattern is likely a fakeout.

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