$py 12 year Elliott Wave analysis.

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Consider this post somewhat of a cautionary tale, one for the archives which will be re-opened once upon a time by any of those who seek.

This is a twelve year tale about a market which some would call out of control. Though, it has been structurally in tact and very algorithmic beyond my current ability to put into words.

Every single piece of data which has ever been released during this run, worked hand in hand with this majestic algorithm to take the market to the highest possible peak of this not so eternal mountain.

They say a castle must fall before an empire can ever be awoken, and I am here to say that they're right.

A lot of people are calling for the crash of the stock market, calling tops, and spreading fud across every single platform.

These people are correct, we are nearing an organic Wave 5 top.

Robert Pretcher, author of "The Elliott Wave Theory Principle" theorizes that we are nearing a 200 year Grand Cycle top near the end of 2021, in confluence with this 4567 target.

Here's the twist though, the organic Wave 5 algo target which sat kindly at 4567 for the last 12 years has been waiting for an opportunity to expand higher.

The opportunity has finally arisen thanks to the man on everyone's mind these days: Jerome Powell.

None of our Waves have seen an expansion on this 12 year run, so it would only make sense for this last wave to expand to the highest possible peak of no return.

Ifthis market breaks above the organic Wave 5 algo target of 4567, we will enter into a No Mans Land.

Between 4567~6218.50 the market has the ability to snap at any moment, and capitulate harder than you can ever even imagine. (it would need a serious catalyst though, wouldn't just happen randomly).

The derivatives market is worth 1.4 Quadrillion Dollars (Yes, Quadrillion)

Can you imagine the sort of liquidations we will see?

I can.

I'm not saying that the top will not be in at 4567, but I am theorizing that the market will push to the maximum possible extreme before it breaks.
When the bears have lost everything -
when the bulls are so complacent that nothing else matters in this world except up;
That is when she breaks, and takes everything.

Organic Wave 5 target = 4567
Expanded Wave 5 target = 5744.75~6218.50
Downside target = 1517.50~1415.75

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