spy 9/1 update 💥

CME_MINI:ES1!   S&P 500 E-mini Futures
i don't think spy falls before labor day - so we may have a few more days up here before a total melt-down phase.

talked about this target in my previous post via:

spy loves that 1.75 algo target, it is the only asset i have seen which continually hits this target. (i actually have a template for this algo nicknamed "spy's target".


lot of red flags on this chart.

if you're long literally anything in the stock market, it would be a good idea to start slowly taking profits off the table before this week ends.

best of luck ~ don't get caught in the downstream, as it's going to happen very quickly.
Comment: i'm not saying this is going to continue playing out,

but if it was to - it would happen in the days ahead.

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