SP500 - SHORT; SELL it here!

CME_MINI:ES1!   S&P 500 E-mini Futures
With the credit spreads looking like they're about to blow out, equities don't stand much of a chance here, either. Look for at least a >-11% dive here.

.... or ... SELL the Nasdaq100 ...
... as it doesn't look much different, either. A little difference without much distinction.

Here is an other clue;
Comment: The FAANGS may hold up better here ...
... than the SP500 or the NAsdaq100, as a whole.
Trade active: SHORT
A good spot for a SHORT Entry, here, w. a tight stop.
Comment: This link;
... and the link right above suggest that all the Equity Indexes started on their way to test the pandemic lows from March, 2020!
Comment: A "commodity currency" dump is just getting under way! E.g. you may want to seriously consider this *** was *** the top in the indexes.