Trends could allow some further upward movement

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I'm really mixed going into today. I'm going to be a bit bullish, only because I think there is a lot of upward trend movement. However, we are maxed out on trends yet again here, so I am not sure we make it much higher, and I think this rally may be coming to a close, at least briefly.

The trends for today are;
Last Macro Trend Signal Spots
30m - 4060 Downtrend (12/01/2022) Higher Low
1Hr - 4005 Uptrend (11/30/2022) Higher High
2Hr - 4041 Uptrend (11/30/2022) Higher High
3Hr - 4082 Uptrend (11/30/2022) Higher High
4Hr - 4093 Uptrend (11/30/2022) Higher High
6Hr - 4091 Uptrend (11/30/2022) Higher High
12Hr - 4091 Uptrend (11/30/2022) Higher High
Daily - 3923 Uptrend (10/28/2022) Lower High
Weekly - 4366 Downtrend (2/14/2022) Higher Low

Overall, as I say in the video, I'd like to see us shoot up to that 4hr uptrending line, and I would short the market again, especially as it meets a downtrending line of all price action for the year. If we go lower from here, I'll have to decide where I want to enter at if things show significant weakness.

Economic Data - We have Unemployment here shortly and payroll numbers. Both should cause some market shock, so sit back and enjoy the ride.

My overall sentiment;
Shorter Term - Slightly Bullish
Short Term - Neutral
Medium Term - Bearish
Long Term - Bearish/Neutral
Unemployment is unchanged.
Wages were higher than expected
More jobs were created than expected

This has caused at least an initial bad reaction in the markets.
So, as to be expected, we have a few trend moves already. The 1hr is a lower low. The 2hr is a higher low, so now here we are with some mixed trends.
The 3hr hasn't resolved yet, looking to see if it ends lower than 4015 at 10am EST to see if it is a lower low or higher low... then we will have to see the 4hr.

Still unsure when and where I want to enter this, and in which way we go initially.
I went short here at 4043
I got profit stopped the second time we came down to 4040 and ended back up for a whopping $25. Kept waiting to see another entry but I may just sit around. Kind of a weird response to the data here. Hope vs Data. I'll let it figure itself out I think
Wow, really surprised and honored to come check on things today and see that I got a second Editor's Pick endorsement. I appreciate all the support and I am especially grateful for the donations.

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