ES - Micro Draw (15 Min)

CME_MINI:ES1!   S&P 500 E-mini Futures
The ES range is now, what else...

4441 - 4490

VIX support remains @ 17.25, this is the level to watch for
an important reaction as we enter Settlement for M1 / M2 .

The Fill @ Opening GAPS should be complete, we are not trading the
ES Gap Fill but the NQ's from where else... the Pivot @ 074 x 6.

For the S&P Futures , the 64.50 remains the important Level while
observing the VX Curve reaction today, M1's 17.25 is of extreme
importance this morning at the NYSE open with TNX showing signs
of an 8 AM EST Bid.

Participants continue the VX Bid prior to settlement, an odd time to
be positioning. We ill need to see the VIX Break 18. 05 for the Bid to
follow higher. The Index SELLs would begin, all after 10 AM EST.

18. 40 lights the fuse on the VIX .

Trafe Safe, we'll know far more in the next 30 Minutes.

As the week develops we will continue to update Micro Range Trade Plans.
Comment: Bonds were NOT BId off 8 AM EST BD's open.
Comment: $2.24 Billion in Coupon Purchases.