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Secret to successful trading is to stick to the plan!

We have been buying for the last 3 weeks, taking profits at all time highs and buying in again at the dips.

Let's not ignore 'Market games', manipulation and fundamentals.

I said I would be buying until Feb 8th and then sell. The CME factor, yes. In 2017 when the CME started trading Bitcoin the price dropped.
Ethereum will suffer too, I am confident it will happen BUT it is NOT the time to go short yet...
You see, the game is played differently every time but the outcome is always the same..

so, buy mode still on, sell button can wait a bit more.

That's me and how I see things.

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same forecast--

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FX_Professor TRADiNG_hub
@TRADiNG_hub, awesome
Agreed that were likely to get to 2K and then might have a pull back, but I think it might be a short pullback before a stronger rally, not sure if Id go BIG SHORT, maybe a small short scalp:
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FX_Professor cryptotraderog
@cryptotraderog, nice chart.
20% pullback is reasonable?
nice one Kyriaco!
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FX_Professor TheSignalyst
@TheSignalyst, 😊👍👍
The BTC price drop following the CME listing was merely correlated, there was no causality. It came right at the end of the bull run and whilst it may have accelerated the price crash, it was not the driving force. The CME listing for Eth is actually bullish because it opens new avenues for firms to take a position. When shorts are opened against Eth in futures, they are hedged by buying eth on the spot market. Has eth not already set a new ath after the listing? I know you give the figure of $2000 to short and there may well be a sell off at that level but it will be short lived.