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Hello everyone. Just as I thought something big was going to happen well here it is. SEC is going after Ethereum. A lawsuit by the SEC has possibly already been filed. If you need a better explanation please watch the video by Bitcoin University on youtube that just came out, he explains it fully and why he believes they have already been served already has 20k views. This would be a perfect catalyst to make ETH drop to way low prices over the next many years during the lawsuit. Look what happened to XRP and multiply that x10.

Oh boy this is going to be epic. Once ETH loses and is deemed a security because it simply is theres no way around it. ETH is going to TANK mark my words people. I called this years ago. I knew this would happen but I was called crazy. We'll see who the crazy one is at the end of this. Do you realize how much money the SEC is about to make. This is why Bitcoin, Litecoin and a couple others are going to go to such crazy numbers no one would ever imagine. The whole shltcoin market is about to drain into the real decentralized crypto commodities.


There may be others like Feathercoin, or Namecoin from the early days but they are dead chains.

Isn't it funny how Charlie Lee stepped down from Litecoin just at the right time right before securities regulations? I Hmm and Digibyte founder Jared Tate just did the same thing, hmmm? All these decentralized mined cryptocurrencies from the early days that all these people called dinosaurs could actually rise up again and become the top 5? No way right? Wrong its happening but most of you were too blind to see it. Maybe youll see it now or maybe you learn lessons the hard way and you lose all your money.

Once this thing starts to fall its going to be a waterfall youll never get out of your staking in time.

If ETH is a security then SOLANA is BNB all of them, its all over for all these shlt coin scams like DogWifShlt and all the other trash all these fools are buying. Coinmarketcap will be half of one page you'll see. The rest will be archived for future reference and so people can have a good laugh at what people actually invested in! Dont be a fool and hold to zero, I would get to the exits and into something safe ASAP or you may gut stuck in the burning building cause the exits are jammed. Im not biased I just know whats coming and I dont want to see you all lose money, I hate it when people lose money.

Not financial advice just my opinion!
Those two charts above I posted in the past.
And now Vitalik wants to hard fork Ethereum again. Making it even more of a security. Dont forget the price of the new fork will be taxed the price of when the airdrop hit your wallet not when you cash it out. So your ETH fork could be worth peanut by the time you sell it but still owe a crazy amount of taxes. Man this is wild. I called these shenanigans years ago it funny watching them play out.

If Ethereum were found to be an unregistered security by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), it could lead to various consequences, both for the Ethereum network itself and for the broader cryptocurrency ecosystem:

Regulatory Actions: The SEC could take enforcement actions against the creators and developers of Ethereum, as well as exchanges and other platforms that facilitate trading in Ethereum. This could include fines, penalties, and other regulatory measures.

Legal Proceedings: There might be legal proceedings initiated by investors or other parties who claim to have been harmed by the sale or promotion of Ethereum as an unregistered security. This could lead to lawsuits and court judgments against individuals or entities associated with Ethereum.

Market Impact: A determination that Ethereum is an unregistered security could have a significant impact on its market value and liquidity. Exchanges may be required to delist or restrict trading in Ethereum, and investors may sell off their holdings in response to regulatory uncertainty.

Compliance Efforts: If Ethereum were deemed a security, its creators and developers would likely need to take steps to comply with securities regulations, such as registering with the SEC and providing disclosure documents to investors. This could involve significant legal and administrative costs.

Impact on Other Cryptocurrencies: A finding that Ethereum is an unregistered security could have broader implications for other cryptocurrencies and token projects. It could lead to increased regulatory scrutiny and enforcement actions across the cryptocurrency industry.

Potential Forks or Changes: Depending on the response from the Ethereum community and developers, there could be attempts to modify the Ethereum protocol or create forks to address regulatory concerns. However, this would likely be a complex and contentious process.

Overall, a determination by the SEC that Ethereum is an unregistered security would have far-reaching implications for the cryptocurrency ecosystem and could fundamentally alter the regulatory landscape for digital assets.
Hello everyone. So Grayscale looks to be offloading some ETH and ETC over the last 30 days. Also there is a 25% discount on ETH and a 40% discount on ETC. The others Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Sol all have premiums. Big premiums. So why do you think that is if everyone is so bullish on ETH and ETH is going to be amazing. Real investors like the ones with real money, not these little kids in here insulting me cause they got their piggy bank $1000 bucks in ETH ,but big money isnt buying ETH. They are selling. The ETH grayscale trust is a great indication of how ETH and others are doing in the eyes of institutional investors and big money investors.

Investors wont even buy ETH grayscale at a 20% discount while the others are trading at 300-500% premiums right now and the real parabolic bull run hasn't started. Also Grayscale has sold ETH and bought a lot more Litecoin, BCH and SOL. Why do you think that is?

Maybe, just maybe these folks with the real money can see whats going on and can read the writing on the wall. If you think you're smarter than these folks then more power to you but if you follow smart money then you need to pay attention to what they are doing or you're going to get fleeced.

Ethereum was a money grab and now there might even be one more big money grab with the fork coming and you'll all be left holding worthless bags of both and you'll have to pay taxes on your airdrop to boot at the price it was when it was dropped not when you sold it.

Good luck! Non of this is financial advice its just my opinion.

For people asking about the lawsuit filed here is the link. Its a paid site but you can read it without having to pay. Trick is when you open the link before it completely load push the ESC button to stop it from fully loading and you can read the whole article. This works for any site that has a paid wall covering the article


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