EURUSD - Last Push South (Before Buying Big)

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
EURUSD at 1.23 was the Perfect Trade in 2021. The Big Forex Short (after all it's the FX Professor, isn't it?).

From that 'Mega Resistance' as we like to call it until now our chart has been working wonderfully:
We were able (Here in Tradingview) to share with you our chart and prognosis. Offered you the Perfect Entry and the right direction:
We later on offered you some frequent and precise updates:
Even shared with you how Simple and Powerful our technical analysis is:
Our last update was when the last major support was lost for EURUSD:
All this started at a period that most traders/ the sentiment, were for a drop in the Dollar... we didn't fall in that trap and went short on EURUSD all the way...

Or almost all the way to be precise as our updated chart shows we need to go a bit lower before EURUSD can find a good support...

Stick around for updates.

One Love,

the FOREX Professor

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