FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
I don't know which way EURUSD is going - as my analysis are time frame dependent and trend-dependent. Plus my crystal ball was broken many years ago, beyond repair! :))

In this screencast, I've reviewed from Weekly down to 15 min time frames. I'm in too much doubt. When in that state of mind, I'm happy to stay out and be left behind to miss loadsah equity or profit.

Recently for example I bailed out of a long position on Oil - and thankfully I did so. If my probability estimates in my own mind ain't right, I'll stay out or get out of any trading setup. I don't do coulda-woulda-shouldah. :))

FED balance sheet 42% of GDP @ 2020-01-26. Does money have value anymore? [Different perspective on the virus https://youtu.be/NjTdvALChwk ]