EURO - A Retest of Time?

FX:EURUSD   Euro / U.S. Dollar
Short Euro right now if you're interested in having patty cakes for breakfast. I'm incredibly bullish on Euro at the moment as it's broken above a bearish trendline from 2008. It's evidence to me this momentary consolidation on euro as it's breakout has recently just confirmed validates that it'll continue to see quite the massive upside from here. While there may be a momentarily consolidation in the 1.18-1.20 zone. (The Confirmation Point), this consolidation will be brief as it is like to ZERG into a 3 Eliot Wave Bullish Super Cycle.

I am expecting a retest of the high-point previously found on Euro and similarly a break of the ATH . My expected Target then there after would be somewhere in the region of 1.70. I'm curious what information would bring about such a target for the Euro , however I have a suspicion it may involve Bitcoin . Time will tell, however I believe our fellow banksters know a bit more about that than I. I'm just some kid from the blocks of Michigan.

This is my observation of what's occurring on Euro and this is your host: B2GG2B - Black to Gold , Gold to Black - Always dressed in all black.
Remember: Be too good, good to beat. Let's bake these breads ladies and gentleman.