FTX is Just Another Market Correction: Liquidity and Regulations

I'm sure you've probably already heard the news about FTX so I won't cover everything - but there's a few things we might expect, longer-term, from the scandal this week.

- More Regulations: This incident embarrassed a lot of powerful people as well, so the likelihood of more substantial regulations coming down the pipe is now much higher.
- Increased Liquidity: Lots of people are pulling money outside of crypto right now, which explains why the prices have dropped so much this week, as a whole. (Especially Solana, which took an outsized hit compared to the rest.) But the money is still there - some will leave, but some will come back...hopefully with better research. It may present an opportunity for smaller alts to grow after the dust settles.

The crypto ecosystem has gone through a few exchange collapses already (ex. Mt. Gox) so crypto itself will still continue to press on. But I fully expect for more stories like these to unfold as we head further into the recession - the money printer has run out of ink, after all.