The End of the Deflationary Asset Era

Deflationary assets - aka artificial scarcity - is a product of the mediocre mind. Exponential growth and real social progress comes from the idea of "growing the pie". It's weird how people don't use that phrase anymore since it has become such a foreign concept at this point.

Bitcoin  (and now Ethereum), NFTs, real-estate (both IRL and the metaverse), healthcare, education, and the economy as a whole has succumbed to the "scarcity mindset" and is in danger of collapsing on itself since it doesn't know how to grow its ecosystem from its base.

Those mythical 100000x returns doesn't come from flipping or nickle-and-diming individuals but from growing the ecosystem as a whole. To keep the good times going, the response should be to increase capacity, not try to ration out your existing stock.

Ethereum was particularly disappointing to watch this year because they had the capability to be so much more but chose the mediocre path when they started burning their own supply. Like Bitcoin, they put an expiration date on themselves and can now only expect modest returns from here on out.

To be fair, "growing the pie" is very difficult and requires a higher degree of creativity and ability to spot new win-win scenarios from seemingly thin air. But that's why we have geniuses and entrepreneurs to fill that role that typical biz-dev types are unable to do.

As the scarcity economies continues to do what it does - shrink - it's unfortunately going to take innocent bystanders with them. We're going to find that most of our tax dollars have been working to keep the illusion of sustainability rather than of real growth.

But the silver lining is that as the status quo continues to implode on itself, the opportunity to grow the pie once again becomes possible. It's a cycle that has happened before and will happen again. With that, it's at least possible to navigate through the chaos. Good luck, folks. 🤞


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