Harmonic Structure Matters

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This is a trade I will not be taking if it doesn't meet the test of time.

After taking the time to reread Carney's books, he mentioned with emphasis the use of time in regards to harmonic completions.
From Carney himself:
"Although time considerations are not as significant as the factors of price, an understanding of when a setup should complete can optimize trade management..."
"The equivalent time projection is a general estimation of the completion of a symmetrical pattern... Ideally, the most symmetrical patterns will complete at the equivalent completion time"

Taking this into account, I began to look at failed patterns vs. successful ones. The ones that fail more often than not, not only had their time considerations out of whack, but also weren't structured as cleanly as the the successful ones.

The AB=CD within the BC             leg of the Shark is on track to complete much earlier than expected. This completion would equate to an off-balanced Shark structure, not symmetrical like Carney advocates.

Of course the trade could still be a success, as there are three harmonic numbers converging at a former support level . It isn't, however, that strong of a demand zone . And the RSI is has been consistently showing bullish divergence .