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FX_IDC:GBPUSD   British Pound / U.S. Dollar
Hello traders, Symbol GBPUSD ,This analysis has been prepared in a weekly time frame but has been published for a better view in a 2 week time frame.
Our goal in this analysis is to give you an overview of the future of symbolism.
As you can see in the chart, this symbol has been analyzed and examined from 1988 until today and is predicted until 2025.
Based on the wave count, the main wave 1 is formed and then the main wave 2 is formed, wave 2 is formed in the form of a flat, and wave c is completed in the form of a triangle.
According to the current scenario for this symbol, wave 3 has started and now we are inside the microwaves of wave 3.
The price target for Wave 1 of the main Wave 3 is based on fibos in smaller timeframes as well as harmonic patterns .
After the completion of wave 1, we expect wave 2 to be completed in the form of a pullback to the triangle of wave c (Fibo 0.618) and then start its upward trend (wave 3).
Important Note: To start this move and confirm this scenario, break the red circle and the black trend line . Also, this analysis has no field points, but we try to determine an accurate and reliable field point in the next analysis.
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