GBP/USD – Week 21 – Aiming for a new top, but a drop is close.

FX_IDC:GBPUSD   British Pound / U.S. Dollar
As we anticipated in our last week’s outlook, GBPUSD gained strength and rose inside our ascending channel .
For this week, we expect the price to continue rising slowly, breaking the February high, before falling into a bearish move that will complete the bigger degree consolidation.
Trade with care.

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Disclaimer: The analysis provided is purely informative and it should not be used as financial advice. Remember that you need a plan before you start trading; so, take this knowledge and use it as a guidebook that will ultimately help you understand the market and easily predict your next move.
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everybody think about sell, because its very easy psychologicallyç prices are top after 2 years, but do you hear about trend?
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@hafiz.nezereliyev you know that every trend has corrections, right?
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@hafiz.nezereliyev it all comes down to market structure 😊
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Gud job :)
@YMGroup many thanks 🙌
good job mate ;)
@AtlasTrades thanks mate :)
Breaking the top scenario is still valid or we should think about sell only now?
@alireza9784 Hello,
Yes it is still valid. For a bearish setup I would like to see the price drop below the 1.41 level and then make a small consolidation. 😊