The bread and butter of global macro

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Before you trade stocks, bitcoin , FX, bonds or anything you have to try and understand how our monetary system works not to miss the big picture.
This video helps you by providing a 10.000 foot view of the global macro landscape. Don't miss the forest for the trees.
Tune in and enjoy!

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This video has some insights applicable to all traders and investors. Thanks for sharing. It's been featured in Editors' Picks!
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MacroAlf TradingView
@TradingView, thanks for such an endorsement.
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DeFontain MacroAlf
@MacroAlf, Hello, first thanks for sharing. Very nice presentation.
I couldn´t avoid to reply to some statements though, (I am not an expert).
1- You say next 10 years the EU real GDP will shrink by 1.5 %. You didn´t count on factors like new member states and immigration. That should be enough as catalyst to boost the Europian GDP.
2- You say the 10 years interest rate EU bonds is negative so will not produce interest. That looks totally the oposite, we just touched bottom and a prosperous decade will follow.
Keep it up, good job.
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MacroAlf DeFontain
@DeFontain, the structural GDP growth in real terms is -1.5%. There are ways (less and less so) to boost the cyclical GDP. Creating new money is the easiest short-term fix.
Immigration is calculated in labor supply growth.
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DeFontain MacroAlf
@MacroAlf, thank you for your reply.
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thank you
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kruthikngowda123 TradingView
@TradingView, hey tradingview add speed variables for videos to watch videos at very faster pace
AngusMcK kruthikngowda123
@kruthikngowda123, The best place to suggest functionality ideas is via reddit. That way other users can comment and if it is a great idea it can get voted to the top.

Have a look at this link:
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Excellent video!!!
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